Akamai Prevents the Largest DDoS Attack on a U.S. Financial Company

Technology continues to advance and so are the cyber threats. The financial sector has been a major target of these attacks. This is because this sector involves the storage of confidential information and financial records that could disturb the normal flow of activities. However, Akamai Technologies had come up with an advanced solution to counter such attacks. They suppressed the largest Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) which was an attack planned for one of the financial firms operating in the US. This milestone showed the potential of cybersecurity in suppressing cyber threats.

DDoS Landscape

DDoS attacks are usually planned in such a way that they bombard a system with a massive amount of network traffic that could disrupt the normal flow of activities. The prominent target of DDoS attacks are the financial firms as they could pose severe damage to them in terms of finances, data breaches, and reputation damage. In the past few years, DDoS attacks have advanced a lot, making them a challenge for various organizations.

Akamai Technologies

Akamai Technologies is a renowned name in the field of cloud security and content delivery. It intends to protect online businesses from DDoS attacks. They have expanded their network of servers on a vast scale that allows them to counter such attacks efficiently. Akamai Technologies has the upper hand when it comes to putting down such attacks, making it a leader that fights against DDoS attacks.

Largest DDoS Attack

According to reports, one of the leading financial companies in the US found them being attacked by DDoS. The nature of this attack was severe as it had the potential to disrupt the online activities of the company on a major level, posing great financial losses.

Akamai’s Response to this Attack

The financial company that was affected due to this attack turned to Akamai Technologies for assistance in this regard. The experts at Akamai promptly recognized the attack vectors. Afterward, they filtered the disruptive traffic away from the system affected.

Instead of waiting for the attack to delve deeper into the system, Akamai Technologies took proactive measures. They identified the global web traffic patterns allowing them to counter the attack.

This incident is a prompt reminder that even the most advanced financial firms could fall victim to malicious cyber attacks like DDoS. However, proactive strategies and actions like the one taken by Akamai Technologies could prove to be successful in eliminating such attacks before it’s too late. It also sheds light on the increasing need for updated cybersecurity practices for any firm.

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