Russian and North Korea Artillery Deal Paves the Way for Dangerous Cyberwar Alliance

The world of geopolitics has been changing, with the formation of new alliances and partnerships. In the recent past, an alliance that has become prominent was the one between Russia and North Korea. On the surface level, it might seem like a conventional arms agreement between the two nations however, it’s impact and implications are deep on the inside. This alliance could prove to be a turning point in the world of conventional warfare.

Artillery Deal

The artillery agreement between Russia and North Korea was kept confidential to a certain extent. The deal between the two nations involved the supply of artillery systems and technology to Kim Jong-Un. It has been a cause of controversy due to the difference between the two partners in this alliance in terms of their involvement in global politics. Russia plays a significant role in geopolitics, whereas North Korea has been subjected to strict international sanctions. The partnerships of these two diverse sections have been a cause of concern.

Cyber Threat

The distinct feature of this alliance is its potential to turn into an agreement of cyberwar alliance. This is because both Russia and North Korea are skilled when it comes to cyber-attacks. North Korea was involved in the Sony Pictures hack and Russia has interfered majorly in the US presidential elections back in 2016. This shows the capability of the two nations in the domain of cyber attacks.

If these two nations joined hands, then they would share their knowledge, resources, and experience of the cyber world. This would escalate their power to an extensive level. It would pose a threat to global cyber security, putting the security of financial institutions, government offices, and other departments at stake in cyber warfare.

Global Impact

The effects of this alliance are not limited to cyber warfare. It extends beyond that. North Korea, with the support of Russia, could impose severe tension on the Korean peninsula. It would be a cause of threat to its neighboring countries including South Korea and Japan.

Furthermore, it would affect the global efforts that have been put to denuclearize North Korea. The assistance of Russia would strengthen North Korea to fulfill its nuclear ambitions.

The alliance between Russia and North Korea might seem to be a normal arms agreement but it holds some severe underlying conditions that might impose some severe consequences worldwide. The collaboration between the two cyber-skilled nations might result in a global cyberwar. It would cause a threat to cyber security on an international level. Furthermore, this alliance could also result in an increment in the tensions on the Korean peninsula.

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