Hackers claim it only took a 10-minute phone call to shut down MGM Resorts

In the recent past there was a crucial incident that targeted MGM Resorts, which is a well known name in the world of entertainment and hospitality companies. This cybercrime incident mainly launched it’s attack by means of a 10 minutes phone call. This attack has caused several concerns about the advancement of cybercrimes that has raised the urgency to implement new and enhanced cyber security practices in today’s highly digitalized world.

MGM Resorts Hack

MGM Resorts are famous for their hotels, casinos and other entertainment ventures operating all around the world. The extensive system of MGM Resorts is highly dependent upon technology so that they provide a smooth and convenient experience to customers.

However, this technology was compromised easily by the hackers with minimal efforts. A mere 10 minutes call was all it takes to break into the network. The details of this attack are limited but the damages it caused were profound.

Method for this Hacking

The method used for this cyber attack is still unknown. However, it is clear that the methodology they used granted them unauthorized access into the system’s security protocols. Furthermore, this attack might be implemented with the help of social engineering which is a technique used by hackers to manipulate individuals of a company by posing as some trusted official.

A method that they could have used is to pretend as a company’s official. During that 10 minutes call they might have pretended to be an employee, gaining information about the system’s flaw that ultimately led them into the company’s network.

Impact of this Hack

The consequences of this attack were catastrophic, as it puts the credibility of the company at stake. Furthermore, it might led to severe financial losses combined with the loss of private information of the customers.

When it comes a company that mainly serves with the motive of hospitality, customers’ trust is the main priority. This attack put the customers’ trust for the company at risk.

Moreover, this attack serves as a reminder that even the mighty industries can become victims of such cyber attacks. With strategies and skills of hackers, they can easily sabotage any network. This causes an urgent need to install immediate and advanced cyber security measures for safeguarding the information and to maintain the integrity and reputation of any industry.

Cyber Security Measures

• Employees should be trained to deal with potential social engineering threats.

• To prevent unauthorized access, measures like two-factor authentication and biometrics need to be implemented.

• Every company should have a detailed backup plan to deal with the consequences of cyber attacks.

• Regular testing and assessments should be carried out to detect potential weaknesses in the industry’s security systems.

The cyber attack on MGM resorts is a reminder for other industries that they need to implement strict cyber security measures that would make it difficult for hackers to gain unauthorized access into the system.

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