NYPD Spent Millions to Contract with Firm Banned by Meta for Fake Profiles

In today’s world, when digital media has evolved a lot, law enforcements agencies also use it for their work. But at the same time it is highly essential for them to ensure that this use is in compliance with ethical standards, fulfilling all possible security concerns. However, in the recent past a new controversy has raised when New York City Police Department (NYPD) contracted with a firm that has been banned by Meta for creating fake profiles. This contract has raised several questions regarding security, accountability, use of taxpayers’ funds and transparency.

Controversial Firm

NYPD’s contract with a controversial firm, Xpertly, famous for making fake profiles is worrisome. This firm is infamous for creating fake social media profiles that they use for malicious crimes like online manipulation campaigns and data collection. Furthermore, they have a long history of suspicious activities that makes them unaccountable to be contracted by a law enforcement agency like NYPD.

Xpertly’s list of unethical activities became known to people when Meta decided to ban them from their platforms. This ban came as a result of policy for the violation of creating fake social media accounts and other cybercriminal practices. Meta enforced this ban to strengthen users’ trust for the security of their information on social media platforms.   

NYPD’s Contract with Xpertly

NYPD’s contract with a controversial firm like Xpertly has raised concerns about the agency’s policies for transparency and fund allocation.

  • Association with Xpertly has raised red flags about the agency’s credibility and the trust that public holds for them.
  • The contract lacks transparency which is a major concern as public has the right to know how their information and funds are being used.
  • This contract could also leads to certain operational issues. The questionable data collected by the firm could interfere with the investigations, leading to wrongful arrests and other serious problems.
  • This contract could also create certain legal issues for NYPD due to privacy constraints, fund allocations, misuse of information and constitutional rights.

NYPD can

  • Review the contract with third-party companies like Xpertly, to ensure that it doesn’t violate any legal, ethical or operational policy. If it violates any of it, that contract should be terminated there and then.
  • Establish clear ethical policies, that any contract or association with a digital firm doesn’t harm privacy of information and rights.
  • Reveal details about the partnerships, data collection practices and operations with the public, to create transparency and to strengthen the trust that public holds for them.
  • Hold dialogue with the public about their digital policies and practices to bridge the gap between them and public.

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