More Schools Hit By Cyber-Attacks Before Term Begins

In today’s world, technology plays a significant role in educational institutions. However, this rapid increase in the use of technology in schools has also led to a rise in the number of cyber-attacks. These attacks not only affect the schools but also harms the personal data and education of the students. As the new academic term is about to start, more schools have fall victim to these cyber-attacks. In this article, the recent cyber-attacks that have affected schools and the measures to safeguard against them will be discussed.

A Rapid Increase

There is a noticeable elevation in the number of reports for cyber-attacks on schools all around the world. These attacks include ransom threats keeping the personal information as hostage by the cyber criminals or hackers. Most of these criminals carry out these attacks with the intention to sabotage and disrupt the online learning platforms. However, others do these activities merely with the intention to create chaos.

The most worrisome aspect about these attacks is its timing. As the educational institutions make preparation to welcome students for the new term, they meet this challenge of cybercrimes. It is really troubling as it compromises the trust that students and parents hold for the schools. This is because these attacks put the personal information of the staff and students at stake.

Effect on Education

The impact of these cyber-attacks cause a long term disruption on the education of students. It affects the online learning for students due to the material unavailability for study. Furthermore, it also causes chaos on the teacher’s end as well because they find it difficult to communicate with the students and to deliver their lectures with ease.

These attacks use the personal information of students and staff for malicious crimes like identity theft, leaving a long term strain on the education system.

To deal with these attacks, schools need to make arrangements from their financial resources. This is necessary to pay the ransoms, buy new resources or to hire cyber security experts. All of these measures requires financial resources that puts a burden on the budget of educational institutions. To pay for the cyber security measures, schools have to compromise for other educational activities.

Protective Measures

•To safeguard the digital network and information of students and staff, schools need to opt for certain strategies.

•Backups should be maintained for the data regularly to prevent ransom attacks.

•Students, staff and parents should be provided with the necessary cyber security training and awareness.

•Collaboration with cyber security experts to know better measures for protection.

•All the system and software should be updated regularly to mitigate attacks.

•Investment should be made for network security to detect suspicious activities.

The attacks on school systems before the new academic term is major cause of concern. This is because it puts the education and information of students at risk. The schools should implement cyber security practices to prevent such cyber-attacks.

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