LinkedIn Account Hacks: Widespread Hacks Spark Concern Among Users

LinkedIn Account Hacks – A growing wave of cyberattacks has engulfed LinkedIn, leaving users grappling with locked accounts and potential breaches.

As these security breaches surge, concerns over account safety, support response, and data privacy are escalating.

Rising Incidents of Account Takeovers

LinkedIn users are facing a surge in account takeovers and lockouts, with attackers exploiting leaked credentials and weak passwords.

Cyberint’s Coral Tayar reports users being coerced into paying ransoms or encountering the deletion of their accounts.

Support Woes and Frustration

Numerous user complaints on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Microsoft forums highlight LinkedIn’s ineffective support in resolving account breaches.

Users’ frustration mounts as they struggle to regain access or receive meaningful assistance from the support team.

Alarming Google Trends

Google Trends exhibits a staggering surge in searches related to compromised LinkedIn accounts, indicating a growing problem.

LinkedIn Account Hacks
Trending Google searches in the past 90 days (Source: cyberint)

Terms like “Linkedin account recovery appeal” and “Linkedin account hacked 2023” have witnessed a remarkable increase of over 5000% in the past few months.

Attack Techniques and Consequences

Attackers use leaked credentials or brute-force attacks to seize control of LinkedIn accounts.

Strongly protected accounts face temporary locks, prompting verification of ownership and password updates.

However, poorly secured accounts witness a swift takeover, often accompanied by a change in the associated email address and the activation of two-factor authentication (2FA).

Ransom and Privacy Concerns

Hackers demand ransoms or delete accounts after hijacking them, underscoring the potentially lucrative nature of LinkedIn accounts for cybercriminals.

The breach’s significance is amplified by the platform’s increasing measures to curb fake profiles, making hijacking existing accounts more appealing.

LinkedIn’s Silence and User Responsibility

Despite the alarming rise in hacking incidents, LinkedIn has not issued an official statement on the situation.

As an immediate response, users are urged to fortify their accounts by employing strong passwords, enabling 2FA, and ensuring their email addresses are up-to-date.

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Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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