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Telekom Malaysia Data Breach Exposes Unifi Customers’ Personal Information

Telekom Malaysia Data Breach – Malaysia faced another data breach, highlighting the challenges in securing its vast digital landscape.

Recently, Telekom Malaysia (TM) confirmed a breach that compromised historical Unifi customers’ personal information, including names, national identification, passport numbers, and contact details.

The Telekom Malaysia Data Breach

TM’s data breach marks another such incident for the telco, with the previous one occurring just last year.

The breach impacted a specific number of Unifi users, and although financial information remained unaffected, personal data was at risk.

TM promptly contained the breach and assured its customers of proactive steps to safeguard their data.

Notifications were sent out to affected customers, warning them about phishing tactics and unsolicited communications.

Telekom Malaysia
Text message sent by TM to the Unifi user (Source: SoyaCincau)

Recent Cyber Security Incidents in Malaysia

The TM data breach is not an isolated incident in Malaysia’s cyber landscape.

The nation has faced various cyberattacks, including the global MOVEit cyber onslaught that impacted Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd (PAMB) and Prudential BSN Takaful Bhd (PruBSN).

The AirAsia ransomware attack exposed the personal information of millions of passengers and employees.

The iPay88 payment gateway also experienced a security breach affecting online card data transactions.

These incidents clearly highlight the urgency of bolstering cyber security measures in Malaysia.

Cyber Security Governance in Malaysia

Malaysia’s approach to handling cyber security incidents has been a subject of scrutiny.

The country has two primary entities responsible for cyber security: the National Cyber Security Agency (NASCA) and CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM).

While NASCA focuses on formulating policies and safeguarding critical infrastructures, CSM plays a vital role in handling regional cyber incidents.

However, there are challenges, including the need for stricter data breach laws and improved collaboration between these agencies.

Practical Approaches to Preventing Cyberattacks

To address the increasing complexity of cyber threats, Malaysia needs to adopt proactive measures to prevent future breaches.

Implementing proactive defense strategies, like continuous monitoring is critical.

Building cyber resilience through comprehensive incident response plans and regular training equips organizations to withstand and recover from cyberattacks.

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