SiegedSec Cyber Campaign Under States Investigation

A politically driven cyber group known as ‘SiegedSec’ is currently under investigation by multiple US state officials. The group claims to have intruded on the websites related to local governments, raising concerns about the potential vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure.

The SiegedSec Cyber Campaign

‘SiegedSec’ has gathered attention specifically for its attacks on government websites. It targets state-run websites, with the claim for breaching the intranet of the Nebraska Supreme Court, the South Dakota Boards and Commission’s website, the Texas State BHEC Personal Information portal, the Pennsylvania Provider Self-Service site, and the South Carolina Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) webpage. The hackers have posted photos of the hacked websites and claim to have stolen data.

SiegedSec shared the breached websites snippet
A snippet of breached websites shared by the group

Potential Political Motivation of SiegedSec Campaign

Although the reason behind the attacks remains unclear and is currently being investigated. But all the attacks by ‘SiegedSec’ have explicitly touched on political issues that guided their actions. The group particularly targeted government bodies in Texas, Kentucky, and Arkansas, quoting state-level bans on abortion and gender-affirming care as their motivation. However, officials are cautious against accepting mentioned motives. Mainly due to little information about the individuals fueling the ‘SiegedSec’ accounts.

Investigations Across Multiple States

Officials from multiple US states have started investigations to look into the ‘SiegedSec’ cyber campaign. Their main aim is to identify the individuals or groups who are behind the attacks and decide the extent of the breaches. Cybersecurity agencies and law enforcement authorities of the states are working hand in hand to collect evidence, analyze attack patterns, and reinforce sophisticated security measures to prevent future breaches.

The investigation highlights the importance of safeguarding sensitive data and infrastructure. Breaches of government websites can lead to exposure of confidential information and personally identifiable information (PII). Posing notable risks to both individual privacy and national security. Boosting cybersecurity measures and ensuring the durability of critical systems are important steps in shielding against such cyber threats.

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