American and Southwest airlines

American And Southwest Airlines Under Attack: Thousands Of Pilot Applicants Data Exposed

Personal information belonging to over 8,000 applicants seeking pilot positions at American and Southwest Airlines has been stolen.

The theft was the result a of recent data breach targeting a recruiting company, Pilot Credentials, which the airlines used for managing their recruitment process.

The breach, which occurred on April 30, was discovered by the airlines on May 3.

Affected individuals were notified of the incident in the following weeks.

The breach exposed sensitive data, including names, birth dates, Social Security and passport numbers, as well as driver and pilot-license numbers of applicants.

American Airlines reported that 5,745 applicants were affected, while Southwest Airlines had 3,009 affected applicants, many of whom were subsequently hired by the airlines.

American and southwest airlines
Breach information regarding Southwest Airlines (Source: the Office of the Attorney General for Maine)

Hackers gained unauthorized access to a database maintained by the recruiting company, Pilot Credentials, based in Austin, Texas.

The stolen data included personal information crucial for identity verification and security purposes.

The Allied Pilots Association, representing American Airlines pilots, expressed concern that approximately 2,200 of its members were among those affected.

Another concerning matter is that American Airlines had been aware of the breach for over seven weeks but did not inform the impacted individuals back then.

To protect themselves from further harm, American Airlines has taken several protective measures.

American and southwest airlines
Breach information regarding American Airlines (Source: the Office of the Attorney General for Maine)

Each affected applicant has been offered two years of identity theft protection services.

Moreover, both American and Southwest Airlines have modified their recruitment processes in response to the breach.

They have transitioned their recruitment efforts to their own websites, reducing reliance on external companies for such sensitive operations.

Furthermore, both American Airlines and Southwest Airlines said that they are actively cooperating with law enforcement agencies conducting an investigation into the breach.

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