Pair Of Megaupload Sentenced For Kim Dotcom’s Online Empire

Megaupload, the online empire of Kim Dotcom was an arguable file-sharing platform. It allowed users to upload and share movies, music, software, and pornography. Launched in 2005, Megaupload quickly gained huge popularity, declaring to have 50 million daily users. However, behind this legitimate-looking appearance, Megaupload facilitated copyright infringement. Dotcom and his associates, including Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk, developed solutions that enabled the unauthorized spreading of copyrighted content, resulting in financial losses for copyright holders.

Leader of Megaupload: Kim Dotcom

In the end, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk, who played leading roles in the Megaupload empire, have been sentenced to prison for their association with this group. Their confession put an end to their decade-long fight against deportation to the United States. They now face imprisonment for their actions.

Justice Sally Fitzgerald at the High Court in Auckland gave prison sentences of 10 years and six months for Ortmann and 10 years for van der Kolk. However, the sentence has been delayed till August 1 on humanitarian grounds because of Ortmann’s upcoming childbirth and van der Kolk’s seriously unwell mother. They are required to report to Mt Eden Prison on August 1 to begin serving their sentences.

Megaupload pair at the court for hearing.
Megaupload Pair At the Court

Impact on Copyright Holders

Kim Dotcom, the leader of the Megaupload empire, caused losses to copyright holders, inclusive of wealthy multinational film and music recording companies. Even minor software companies like Timaru experienced the consequences of piracy. The company found pirated versions of its software available on Megaupload, leading to a decline in sales.

The US Department of Justice estimated that copyright holders lost over $800 million during the seven-year existence of Megaupload as stated in the New Zealand news website. However, the actual figure could actually be in the billions. It is one of the largest frauds in New Zealand’s history.

Megaupload’s Illicit Activities

The technical expertise of Ortmann and van der Kolk helps in the prosperity of copyright infringement on the Megaupload platforms. Although they pretended to remove URLs or links to infringing content when copyright holders complained, giving the impression that the infringing material had been taken down. However, the files remained on their servers and were accessible through alternative routes. Allowing continued access to copyrighted content. This intentional concealment allowed Megaupload to freely disperse infringing content while falsely claiming to protect the interests of copyright owners.

The Outcome Of Megaupload Deception

The sentencing of Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk signifies an important milestone in the legal battle surrounding Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload empire. Their involvement in assisting copyright infringement and causing financial losses to copyright holders has led to imprisonment for both individuals. This case acts as a reminder of the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in the digital era. Moreover, it also underlines the consequences of indulging in illegal activities online.

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