Russian hacker groups

Exclusive: Russian Hacker Groups United To Paralyze European Banks

Three pro-Russian hacker groups, KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil, have reportedly allied with the intention of launching a large-scale cyber attack on European banks.

The groups uploaded a video announcing their plans to disrupt the entire European banking system.

While preparations are said to be underway, it remains unclear whether these threats are empty or if a substantial attack is genuinely imminent.


They called on other active groups to participate in undermining the European banking system, citing the eradication of Nazism as their objective.


They threatened by saying “This would not be a typical DDoS attack, the games are over” and “Society has not dealt with such a disaster before”

Last year, REvil compromised the health records of approximately 10M Austrailians by their attack on Medibank.

Russian Hacker Groups

Considering their records, it is clear that the threats can not be taken lightly.

Potential Target

Reports suggest that the first target of the hacker alliance could be the SWIFT payment system, widely used for international payments.

If successful, an attack on the SWIFT system could have far-reaching consequences, causing disruptions in global financial transactions.

It is Still Uncertain

While the threat of a cyber attack looms, its credibility remains uncertain.

It is unclear whether these announcements are empty threats, a prank, or an actual plan for a massive attack.

However, considering the potential implications, the situation raises concerns.

The recent global cyberattack on US government agencies, although unrelated to the current situation, highlights the ongoing risks posed by hacking groups, including those based in Russia.

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