RaidForums Database Leaked: 478,000 Members Exposed on New Hacking Forum

The RaidForums hacking forum, once a notorious hub for cybercriminal activities, recently suffered a major blow as its member database was leaked on a new hacking forum called Exposed.

This breach has exposed the personal information of approximately 478,000 RaidForums members.

Background Of Popular Hacking Forums

RaidForums emerged in 2015 as a prominent platform on the dark web, attracting over half a million users.

It got popular for facilitating the sale of high-profile database leaks from various US corporations across different industries.

However, the illegal activities of RaidForums eventually caught the attention of law enforcement agencies, leading to its closure in April 2022.

Operation TOURNIQUET, a coordinated effort by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, played a crucial role in dismantling RaidForums and seizing its infrastructure.

Following the shutdown of RaidForums, the vacuum left by its absence was quickly filled by other hacking forums.

One such prominent platform was the Breached hacking forum.

However, the tides turned once again when US law enforcement arrested the notorious owner of BreachForums, known as Pompompurin, and seized the Breached platform in March 2023.

Then came along another criminal site called Exposed trying to fill the gap left by Breached.

The RaidForums member database was recently disclosed on the “Exposed” hacking forum by an administrator known as ‘Impotent,’ as reported by Bleeping Computer.

Leaked Database Of RaidForums

The leaked database was contained in a single SQL file, the ‘mybb_users’ table.

Each record within the table includes usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords, registration dates, and various other details of 478,000 members of RaidForums.

The authenticity of the data was also confirmed when the admin of Exposed told Bleeping Computer “The database contains 99% original data.”

With this leaked data, cybersecurity experts and investigators can now analyze the operations of different hacking forums and gain insights into the activities of its members.

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