Chinese Spy Ballons

New Evidence Unveils More Chinese Spy Balloons in the Sky

There were up to 4 more Chinese Spy Balloons documented by US intelligence! reported by The Washington Post.

The news initially comes from a highly classified US intelligence document apparently leaked by a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard.

Additionally, the document had sensitive information intended for senior military and intelligence officers that got leaked online.

Chinese Spy Balloons

As per the document, The Chinese spy balloon that sailed over the United States this year, named Killeen-23 by US intelligence services, featured a series of sensors and antennae that the US government had yet to identify more than a week after shooting it down.

However, that balloon was not the only Chinese Spy balloon documented by the US. The second Top-Secret document revealed that Bulger-21 and Accardo-21 were two further balloons.

According to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency paper, Bulger-21 carried sophisticated surveillance technology and reportedly flew undetected from December 2021 to May 2022.

Accardo-21 carried identical technology as well as a “foil-lined gimbaled” sensor.

One pf the balloons passed above the US carrier strike group while the other one crashed in the South China Sea. But the incidents remained undisclosed.

The document does not go further in mentioning the launch dates of each balloon.

Balloon’s Capabilities

Engineers at the National Space Intelligence Center estimated that Killen-23’s solar panels could generate up to 10,000 watts of solar power, which would be more than enough to power any surveillance capacity. It specifically includes Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), a Radar with night vision that can see through even clouds, snow, and thin materials.

Experts suggest that balloons are an effective means of surveillance due to their ability to gather higher-resolution data and launch more quietly than satellites.

The spy balloon incident has raised many concerns about US surveillance and intelligence-gathering capabilities, and Republicans are criticizing the Government’s handling of Chinese espionage.

Meanwhile, China has claimed that “the balloon was an unmanned civilian airship that accidentally drifted off course and that the U.S. overreacted by shooting it down.”

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